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Style Rx designer pill box case featured on as a clever item to simplify life
Style Rx designer pill box case featured in as clever items to simplify life
"Instead of stashing your pill boxes away, keep them conveniently
on your kitchen counter (or desk) in this fashionable printed
case. It's small enough to slip easily into a purse, and a magnetic
closure ensures the pills won't spill.", November 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case featured in the LA Times Travel section as a stylish travel accessory
"A company called Inspired by Dawn has found a lovely
way to dress up those dowdy pill holders. The Style Rx 7-Day
Designer Pill Box Case looks like a slim rectangular
jewelry case, but it houses (and hides) an included plastic
seven-day pill holder (yes, with SMTWTFS)."

The Los Angeles Times, July 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case featured on CBS affiliate's Your Carolina morning show as stylish way to travel with medication and vitamins

"They are lightweight yet durable and if you are
taking an extended trip, load additional pill box inserts
beforehand and swap them in."

Your Carolina on CBS 7 News, November 2015

"...must-have travel accessory
for the modern woman – the
Style Rx designer pill box case."

Swaay, January 2017

"These Style Rx pill boxes are
just the right size to put in
someone's stocking"

Things That Make People Go Aww,
December 2016

"Vibrant designs and quality
craftsmanship elevate the
Style Rx pill box case"

South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine,
November 2016

"[Style Rx]’s covered with a fun
cotton canvas print so that no one
knows it’s your mother’s pillbox"

Fit Bottomed Girls, July 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case makes the "On the Page" feature in Town & Style Magazine
"Just because you need a pill
box as a daily reminder
doesn't mean you can't have
some fun with it"

Town & Style Magazine, May 2016

"This pill box marries vibrant
patterns with a luxe, quality
pill case. Great for any age."
Birmingham Parent,
December 2015 / January 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case picked as a great gift for any momma in your life by Momma Love
"...keep them organized while
concealing them in a chic,
slim case"
Mama Love, April 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case selected by Niecyisms for their Mother's Day Soothing, Savvy, Sparkly Gift ideas list
"...a stylish, discreet daily helpful
and healthful reminder that is
small enough to carry in a purse,
gym bag or carry-on..."

Niecyisms, April 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case included in Jen's List of what's new, hot and undiscovered in LA
"Keep medications, vitamins
and supplements organized
and accessible in discreet,
go-anywhere style"

Jen's List, April 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case featured in She Informed Mother's Day Gift Guide
Style Rx designer pill box case takes center stage in She Informed's Mother's Day Gift Guide
"Inspired by Dawn has written a
prescription for a gorgeous
pillbox that can sit on your desk,
reside in your purse of grace
your bathroom counter in

She Informed, April 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case is a Mom Spot blog favorite + Inspired by Dawn founder in the amazing women category!
"...A great pill box case for
the fashionista!"

Mom Spot, April 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case featured in Denver Life magazine's product style alert section"Get the pill box case that fits
your style."
Denver Life Magazine, April 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case included in Working Daughter blog focused on supporting caregivers"Style Rx is pretty enough to
leave out on your desk or
nightstand, and small enough
to toss in a purse."

Working Daughter, April 2016

Style Rx designer pill box case reviewed by Kicking It with Kelly and loved its style and ultra sturdy case
"This beautifully-designed and
ultra-sturdy case is perfect for
my busy lifestyle."
Kicking It With Kelly, April 2016

Style Rx designer pill box case is Bridgette Rae's Friday Fab Find - stylish and versatile!
"I also didn’t want to advertise
that I was taking a bunch of
pills. But what were my
options? Keep a drawer full
of pill bottles? There is an
answer: decorative sturdy
pill boxes. Introducing
Inspired by Dawn Style RX
Designer Pill Box."
Bridgette Rae's, April 2016

Style Rx designer pill box case is reviewed & loved What A Trip - Travels with Nancy D. Brown
"What I love about this travel gear
[Style Rx] is that it doesn’t look

like a geriatric pill box. The stylish,
compact case has a magnetic
closing lid and fits neatly into
a purse or backpack for easy

travel accessibility."
What a Trip, March 2016

"The Style Rx is designed for
women who value both their
style and their health. It is for
that girl that knows she needs
to stay on top of her daily
medication and/or vitamin
regimen, but she does not
want to sacrifice style for

My Beautiful Adventures,
February 2016
Style Rx designer pill box case reviewed by Famadillo and liked it's portability and design
"I sometimes forget to take my
medications simply because I
do not want the bottle out on my
desk at work and my new
“Style Rx” pill case from
Inspired by Dawn has given me
my answer!"
Famadillo, January 2016

"[Style Rx]...designed for the
woman who values her style and
her is prescribed for we

Dana Vento, December 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case made Put A Little Umbrella in Your Drink's 20 Beauty Stocking Stuffers list!
Style Rx designer pill box case chosen by Put A Little Umbrella in Your Drink 20 Beauty Stocking Stuffers

"Great gift for moms-to-be,
busy moms and always
on-the-go girlfriends...I love
this product! So smart."
Put A Little Umbrella In Your
Drink, December 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case made Manhattan with a Twist's Traveler's Gift Guide!
"Style Rx makes it easy and
fashionable! The designed pill
box case is perfect for anyone
traveling who wants to be a
little more
Manhattan with a Twist,
December 2015

Inspired by Dawn founder and her daughter at a Style Rx designer pill box case holiday shop display

The Tribune-Herald Fox Chapel,
December 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case selected as a great holiday stocking stuffer from Top Notch Material blog
"You can put it in your purse and
nobody would think it had
medication in it. For me this
is perfect."

Top Notch Material, December 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case selected for Girl Gone Mom's holiday gift guide.

"Life gets so busy and we don't
want to forget to take a pill but
that doesn't mean we can't
do it in style."
Girl Gone Mom, November 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case is reviewed and recommended by the blog Michigan Savings and More
"The [Style Rx] designs are
beautiful and extremely well
made. Do you have a hard to
buy for person, this would be
Michigan Savings and More,
November 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case reviewed by Kelly's Thoughts on Things
"My mom takes so many pills
and sometimes forgets, so this
 be nice to give her so she
can do
 a weekly pill prep and not
 a pill."
Kelly's Thoughts on Things,
November 2015
Style Rx designer pill box case reviewed in Women of Power Magazine
[Style Rx] is "a portable pill
box, fits in my purse and it
was decorative!! Looks
wonderful and it is
Women of Power Magazine, November 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case reviewed by Show Me Mama
"For a mom with a busy schedule
Style Rx™ ... is the best solution
to keep supplements,
medication and vitamins nice
and complete in one convenient
box and still look fashionable
carrying the 
Show Me Mama, November 2015
Style Rx designer pill box case makes Autumn Rain's holiday gift list
"The Style RX by
Inspired by Dawn is a
modern twist on a common
item. It is pretty and
Autumn Rain, November 2015
Style Rx designer pill box case included on New Age Mama holiday gift guide
"You can really tell a lot of
craftmanship went into this
design..." for the Style Rx"
New Age Mama, November 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case reviewed and recommended by Makasha Dorsey
"Isn’t it adorable?
The Style Rx designer pill box
case is on my “to get” list"
Makasha Dorsey, October 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case makes Women and Their Pretties Stocking Stuffer list for holiday gifts
"[The Style Rx are]...cute and
perfect for any ladies that want
to add some style to their daily

Women and Their Pretties,
October 2015

Style Rx designer pill box case is on the Mama Smith's Stocking Stuffer holiday gift list
"[The Style Rx are]...cute and
perfect for any ladies that want
to add some style to their daily
Mama Smith's Review Blog,
October 2015

"Who says staying healthy can’t
be stylish too?
If you’ve got a
tween who takes daily
medications, she can easily
toss it in her purse, backpack or
gym bag and not have to worry
abouteverything spilling out."

New York Amsterdam News,
October 2015

"The most beautiful pillbox ever.
StyleRX...  is a combo of great
aesthetics and function."
My Strange Family via Twitter,
September 2015

"I receive comments on how
cute [the Style Rx] is but people
are either distracted by the
adorable prints or do not realize
it's a pill box …"
Peyton's Penny Pinching Momma,
September 2015

"The Style Rx Pill Box Case
from Inspired by Dawn is
also an easy way to ensure
that you have your essential
medications or supplements
with you when traveling..."
Gotta Love It, August 2015

"The [Style Rx] pill box is small enough
for convenient travel purposes, but
large enough to get the job done."

"The (Style Rx's) seven-day pill
insert is removable, so you can
switch out a depleted one
with a fully stocked replacement"

The Denver Post, August 2015

"Covered in cheerfully patterned
cotton canvas, with a perky pink
lining, the flip-open top has a
magnetic closure that keeps
pills secure inside."

"Awesome, discreet, useful and
made by a mom for moms."

Momma's Bacon, August 2015

"A stylish and secure solution to
keeping medications and
supplements organized and
close at hand."
Style Rx in Richmond Times Dispatch Travel Section
"The 6-inch-long Style Rx Pill
Box comes in two patterns...
The seven-day pill insert is
removable, so you can switch
out a depleted one with a
fully stocked replacement…"

Style Rx in the Philadelphia Inquirer

"Covered in cheerfully patterned
canvas, with a pink lining,
the flip-open top has a magnetic
closure that keeps pills secure
inside, protecting against
accidental spills in transit."
The Philadelphia Inquirer,
July 2015

"Portable, functional, and stylish!"
Style Rx pill boxes with a
"stylish and modern twist"
Dietary Supplement News,
August 2015

"StyleRx, a stylish way to carry your
vitamins, supplements, and
"The Style Rx is made with luxe
cotton canvas exterior which is
wipeable and wear-resistant.
It is lightweight, yet durable and
is built to withstand daily us in a
purse, laptop sleeve or gym bag."
"The Style Rx case is an attractive
7-day pill box cover that was
designed for busy, on-the-go
women and is meant to be seen.
It looks like a pencil box and is small
enough to fit into your purse or
laptop sleeve."

Oaklee's Family Guide, July 2015

"I am sending this to with my
daughter to college so that she
can remember to take her
vitamins and keep herself healthy!"

Her 3 Little Thinkers, July 2015

"It keeps my supplements organized
and me looking stylish wherever
I am!…The Style RX is the perfect
size to place in my purse, keep on
my desk, or leave on the vanity."

Mommy's Memorandum, July 2015

"One of the features that
impressed me the most was
the size. The size makes it
perfect to slip into your purse,
or even leave it on your desk."
"What I like most about this [The
Style Rx] is the privacy of it. You can
leave them out on a counter, or in
your purse, or a hotel room and you
would not know it's a pill box!"

"The outside canvas is super
with magnetic closure.
This is great 
because when you
stick the box 
[The Style Rx] in
your won’t 
open up on
you and let your pills 
"This arrived beautifully wrapped.
So much so that I couldn’t wait
to see what was inside.
(The Style Rx) is beautiful...
holds a ton of supplements"
The Brooklyn Mom, June 2015
"For all moms & moms to be,
here is something stylish to
organize all your vitamins and
supplements anywhere you go!"
Fab Z List via Facebook, June 2015

"I love this case [The Style Rx]
because it’s not like the other
cases they sell at the drugstore...
Plus no one can tell what it is for
those who want to be more
Fashion Swain, June 2015

 Today's Innovative Woman

"There was a gap in the
marketplace for functional
products that had a modern
sense of style... That’s why
the Style Rx pill box case
became Inspired by Dawn’s
launch product."
Today's Innovative Woman, June 2015
The Vacation Gals
"The best part, your pills won’t
pop out of your case and spill
all over your luggage."

"Need some inspiration?
Check out these
mother-approved boards"
Pinterest, May 2015

“Small businesses have to work
a little harder to try to carve
out a distinct niche for themselves...”
Staples Business Hub, March 2015

Pampered Teacher
"Not only are they beautiful
and high quality, they are
very discreet."
Pampered Teacher, March 2015

Chic Luxuries
It makes a thoughtful gift"
Chic Luxuries, December 2014

First Time Mom
"The look and quality of
construction of the
Style Rx are both
excellent." "The Style Rx
is also super convenient
First Time Mom,
December 2014

Shop with Me Mama
"Perfect gifts for any women
who has to take medication
Shop with Me Mama,
November 2014

Belly Itch the Blog
"I love my set and recommend
them to breastfeeding and
expecting moms…"
Belly Itch the Blog,
November 2014

"Not a pill taker? This cute
case would be excellent for
holding small bits and baubles
during travel!"

Outblush, October 2014

You're Welcome
"They'll appreciate having a fun,
sleek cover for their boring,
standard days-of-the-week
pill container."

Whirl Magazine
"[Style Rx] We'll carry this clever
and cute case 

The Joyful Organizer

"[Style Rx] It's beautiful and looks
like a pen case or pencil box. This
could easily sit on your desk
without worry."
The Joyful Organizer,
October 2014

Customer Comments:

"My aunt loves your pill boxes! She said the one I sent her is gorgeous and it's like nothing she's ever seen before."
Lisa C, OH
"AWESOME PRODUCT!! Keep coming up with other great things and design patterns for the pill boxes...They really are beautiful!!!!!!!"
Bonnie S, CO
"My husband bought this for me & it's a really cute way to carry vitamins on vacation."
Jacquelyn F, CA
"These look lovely!  Can't wait to get them."
Dawn F, CA
"I haven't found anything else like it."
Marciann M, CO
"[I] LOVE the Style Rx that my daughter gave me for Christmas."
Linda B, PA
"I just love my Style Rx purchase! The quality is so great - and it's just so pretty to look at."
Kelly J, CT
"When people see it and touch it - they get it. The quality really sets it apart."
Kristy R, OH
"My sister-in-law loved receiving her first gift (a Style Rx) as a pregnant mom-to-be. She felt so special and celebrated!"
Hope B, PA
"My mom loves her Style Rx! She had it filled and ready to go immediately."
Kelly M, CA
"My sister loves the pill box I gave her!"
Brett P, GA
"They're beautiful!"
Kirsten G, OH
"Thank you for inventing (the Style Rx) to cover the ugly pill boxes that sit on our kitchen table."
Martha K, CA