The Inspired by Dawn® Story

Motherhood changed everything for Inspired by Dawn’s Founder and CEO. After the birth of her daughter, she took a much-needed break from her successful marketing career to spend time with her newborn daughter. It was in the midst of the chaos of chasing a toddler, coupled with a cross-country move that Dawn found the time to reconnect with friends and family, and find inspiration in everyday life.

That new-found inspiration quickly evolved into the development of practical ideas to make life simpler, yet more attractive for busy women at all stages of life.  So often, practical products can be dull and boring. Dawn believes, as you probably do, too, that there is nothing dull or boring about being a woman! As she began to think about things that could make the practical aspects of life more beautiful, a sea of useful and stylish products and ideas began to flood her mind – from new takes on baby products, women’s shoes, to interior and exterior decorating solutions. That’s when she knew she needed an outlet for these ideas.

Leveraging her extensive marketing and branding experience, as well as her inspired take on vibrant color and playful patterns, she set out to build a brand that married her signature aesthetic with practical solutions. Two short years later, she launched Inspired by Dawn, with its debut product, the Style Rx line of originally designed pill box cases.

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Meet Dawn Kasper Gibel – Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, mom and wife – Dawn juggles the loves of her life and strives to bring beautiful products to market that make women’s lives easier. "Bringing Style to Life” - style + function is her mission. She’s inspired by cultural and culinary uses of colors and patterns, and she makes certain to fuel that inspiration with good food and travel.