Customer Comments About Inspired by Dawn® and the Style Rx®

Come take a peek at what our customers are saying about Inspired by Dawn and our stylish products.
We couldn't have said it better ourselves!


"Thank you! Love your product! This is my 2nd order!"
Marie S, CA

"My aunt loves your pill boxes! She said the one I sent her is gorgeous and it's like nothing she's ever seen before."
Lisa C, OH
"Just wanted to tell you that I got my first order of two pill boxes and LOVE, love, love them.  
They are beautiful, classy, incredibly well made and perfectly fit the bill."
Mary F, WA
"AWESOME PRODUCT!! Keep coming up with
other great things and design patterns for the pill boxes...They really are beautiful!!!!!!!"

Bonnie S, CO
"I haven't found anything else like it."
Marciann M, CO
"[I] LOVE the Style Rx that my daughter gave me for Christmas."
Linda B, PA
"My husband bought this for me & it's a really cute way to carry vitamins on vacation."
Jacquelyn F, CA
"These look lovely!  Can't wait to get them."
Dawn F, CA
"I just love my Style Rx purchase! The quality is so great - and it's just so pretty to look at."
Kelly J, CT
"My sister-in-law loved receiving her first gift (a Style Rx) as a pregnant mom-to-be. She felt so special and celebrated!"
Hope B, PA
"My mom loves her Style Rx! She had it filled and ready to go immediately."
Kelly M, CA
"When people see it and touch it - they get it. The quality really sets it apart."
Kristy R, OH
"Thank you for inventing (the Style Rx) to cover the ugly pill boxes that sit on our kitchen table."
Martha K, CA
"My sister loves the pill box I gave her!"
Brett P, GA
"They're beautiful!"
Kirsten G, OH