Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inspired by Dawn? Inspired by Dawn is a brand, created by founder – Dawn Kasper Gibel, committed to  bringing Style to Life. It grew out of Dawn’s desire to make every woman’s life easier, at every stage – from pregnancy, to parenthood and beyond – while never sacrificing style. Dawn’s signature aesthetic of vibrant color and playful patterns have become the hallmark of the brand and ensured a distinctive look for Inspired by Dawn products. 


What is Style Rx? Style Rx is a collection of originally designed pill box cases that marry style and functionality and offer women of every stage – from pregnancy, to parenthood and beyond – a discreet, yet stylish way to keep their medications and supplements close at hand. Designed to be small enough to slip into a laptop sleeve or purse for easy transport and available in signature Inspired by Dawn colors and patterns to reflect every woman’s unique sense of style.

Who does Style Rx cater to? Style Rx is designed for every woman at every stage – from pregnancy, to parenthood and beyond. The idea for Style Rx originated when Dawn, and many of her friends were pregnant and having to manage prenatal vitamins, DHA and other medications and supplements to support their pregnancies. Dissatisfied with the clinical options on the market that lacked any style, Dawn set out to fill this void. Along the way, she discovered that every woman who relies on medications and supplements to keep them healthy would likely benefit from Style Rx. No woman wants to look and feel older than her age, and that’s why Style Rx helps bring Style to Life for modern women.

I take too many pills daily. The Style Rx isn't big enough. The Style Rx was designed to maximize capacity, portability and style in a compact case. That's why each daily slot can hold up to 6 fish oil capsules or 20 ibuprofen tablets. In addition, the pill box insert was designed to be removable so another one could be swapped in. Many women use one pill box insert for their morning dose, purchase another for their evening dose and swap them in and out of their Style Rx pill box case as appropriate each day. Similarly, when traveling, women will load their medications and vitamins in two different pill box inserts for their 8+ day trip, leave the pill bottles at home and use their Style Rx wherever their adventure takes them.

I don't take any daily medications or vitamins so why would I need a Style Rx? Many women find the Style Rx to be useful in so many other ways beyond medications and vitamins. When traveling they organize small jewelry inside it or they remove the pill box insert and even put earbuds or phone chargers inside the Style Rx case to keep them organized while away from home. Some moms have also removed the pill box insert and carried their child's EpiPen® in the Style Rx case for a secure and discreet way to always keep it close at hand.

Space is precious when I travel. Should I really make room in my carry-on for the Style Rx? If you're using your Style Rx for medications, vitamins or supplements you need to take daily then you should always carry those in your carry-on bag or case. You never know when you might be separated from your checked luggage for an extended period of time and you don't want to be without medications that you need to take. The Style Rx with it's strong magnetic closure is designed to stay closed inside your carry-on bag so the contents stay organized and don't end up all over the bottom of your bag.

Where can I purchase Style Rx and other Inspired by Dawn products? Style Rx is available at a growing number of select specialty gift shops. Be sure to ask your favorite shop about Style Rx and please tell us about your favorite shop. We’re always looking for the best shops to carry Style Rx and other Inspired by Dawn products. Style Rx is also always available at InspiredbyDawn.com. Click here to place your order now.

Gift Shops that carry the Style Rx designer pill box case

Where does Inspired by Dawn get its ideas for new products? Inspired by Dawn’s mission has always been to discover and create beautiful products that make women’s lives easier. Inspired by Dawn’s founder – Dawn Kasper Gibel – is the creative spark behind the launch of the Style Rx designer pill box cases, and many other inspired products yet to make their debut.
We know that more minds are better than one. So if you have an idea on how to bring Style to Life, please share with us. We’re always looking for new ways to live life inspired!

Who do I contact if I have a new product idea for Inspired by Dawn? Have a great idea for bringing Style to Life? We would love to hear about it. Contact us. We’ll follow up with you if we have questions.

Who do I contact if I have a pattern idea for Inspired by Dawn’s next edition of Style Rx? Have a great idea for a pattern? We want see it and/or hear about it. Contact us. We’ll follow up with you if we have questions or would like to see an image.

I am a gift shop owner / buyer and interested in carrying the Inspired by Dawn Style Rx designer pill box cases. What do I do? We would love to hear from you! We are always interested in finding new specialty gift shops whose customers would welcome the Style Rx. Contact us.

What is your return and exchange policy?
We strive to deliver the perfect combination of style and function to each of our Inspired by Dawn products. So if you are not thrilled with your Inspired by Dawn purchase, you are welcome to return it within 35 days of order confirmation. You can find the complete details of the return policy at the bottom of the checkout page, and you can review the policy before entering any billing information or completing the order. If you ever have any questions, please free to contact Inspired by Dawn's Customer Care for assistance.