Style Rx Designed for You

Style Rx pill box case
from Inspired by Dawn
Modern | Discreet | Style - disguised as a pill box

The Style Rx pill box case | Designed for women at every stage - from pregnancy, to parenthood and beyond.
You need a Style Rx if you:
  • Take at least 1 medication, vitamin, supplement or prenatal each day
  • Want to make sure you take your dose each day
  • Leave the house most days. Toss your Style Rx in your purse, bag or tote and always have it with you
  • Don't want your pill box to look like a pill box. Modern designs ensure the Style Rx doesn't look like a pill box
    Where to take your Style Rx:
      • Office - leave on your desk and no one will know the Style Rx is a pill box
      • Restaurant - place the Style Rx on the table to remember to take your dose with your meal
      • Home - leave the Style Rx on your kitchen counter as an attractive, yet discreet visual reminder
      • Plane - pack the Style Rx in your carryon so your dose is always accessible
      • Purse - always have your dose organized and not all over the bottom of your bag