Post-Earth Day Rx

Yesterday was Earth Day. A day for all of us to pause and think about how we can have less negative impact on our Earth and ecosystem, and maybe even how we can treat it better.

Well, this Saturday (April 27th) you can treat the Earth better, and our greater communities, by looking through you medicine cabinet and heading to you local National Prescription Drug Take Back Day . There you can easily drop off old medications (expired or no longer needed) for safe disposal. This small stop keeps these medications from polluting our soil and waterways, and from ending up in the wrong hands.

Do it now. It's really easy.

  1. Make a plan to clean out the medicine cabinet / closet and your Style Rx designer pill box case of expired or old medications and vitamins.
  2. Toss them in a bag.
  3. Find your local drop off site (find exactly where here) for Saturday
  4. Head there between 10am and 2pm and make sure these old medicines get taken out of circulation and are disposed of safely.
It's that easy! Four steps adds up to cleaner water, soil, environment, safer communities and a tidier pill box. Well done!

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