Take Back Day Tomorrow | Keep Caring for Your Community

Inspired by Dawn community keeps caring for our communities by safely disposing of old medications

Okay, let's face it 2020 has thrown us a lot of curves. Some days nearly everything we do seems different. Don't forget the masks and the hand sanitizer before leaving the house...every time. Don't plan that large graduation party or backyard bbq you had been looking forward to hosting. Start serious holiday shopping in October?? Cancel Thanksgiving family gatherings. The list goes on and on.

Despite all the changes and our new normal, all of us are finding new ways to continue doing things that are important to us and to our community. The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is one of those important things to keep doing...even during a global pandemic.

This important event helps ensure that we take old medications - prescription and over the counter ones - and safely dispose of them and help keep our community safe too by: 

  • Keeping medications out of our water supply
  • Preventing misuse of medications
  • Keeping medicines from contaminating our soil and food

So while we all have a lot on our plate these days, let's not skip doing this one. Clean up and declutter the medicines lying around for yourself, for your family and for your community. Because one day - hopefully in the not too distant - this pandemic will be behind us and life will return to more normal times, but we need to still take the actions now that support our community's safety and health for that tomorrow.

Find your nearest collection site here, grab your old medicines and your new mask and do something good for your community tomorrow.

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