Why a Stylish Pillbox?

Inspired by Dawn started with a simple idea - Bringing Style to Life. My vision for the brand is to offer women practical products infused with a healthy dose of style. From this basic principle came the idea to make the Style Rx my launch product. After all it fit the bill - the pill box case offers women the rare combination of function and style, and hopefully reflects some of the elements of your personal brand.

We hear it everyday – 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40, etc. – but regardless of the substance behind these statements, the truth is none of us want to feel older than we are. We all want to look like the best version of ourselves at any age. Each of us is our own brand, and we want everything about us to build and support the substance behind that brand. That includes first and foremost our personality, our actions and values. But it even extends to our superficial, everyday items – smartphone covers, sunglasses, shoes, pill cases, etc. All of these things together reflect to the world who we are, what is important to us and even our zest for life.

That’s why for me something as helpful, yet clinical as a pill box mattered. Tens of millions of people rely on a range of supplements and medications to help them maintain their health everyday but that tool had not evolved to reflect the vibrant, joy-filled women that I meet everyday. I felt there was a void and I’ve jumped into fill it.

However, rest assured the Inspired by Dawn will be about more than Style Rx. There are more products that I think could use a little signature style, and I’m prepared to have them stand appropriately under the Inspired by Dawn umbrella. An umbrella / brand that will always remain committed to Bringing Style to Life and helping you hone your personal brand.