Gift Ideas for the Newly Pregnant

Congratulations! Someone in your life is newly pregnant. Lucky you! Maybe the momma-to-be just confided in you. Maybe she couldn't hold onto that joyous secret anymore and just blurted it out! Or maybe you just heard through the grapevine.

However you found out, you can relate to that elation (as a mom yourself), and you want to celebrate with the mom-to-be. But how? Too soon for a maternity shopping spree, and she's probably not in desperate need of a prenatal massage, yet!

Here are a few gift ideas for the newly pregnant woman in your life:

  • Preggie Pops to help ease the first trimester morning sickness
  • Most pregnancy books will scare her more then support her so try a subscription to a Pregnancy Magazine instead. It's more likely to have practical, minimal freak-out information
  • Style Rx pill box case to keep her on top of her prenatal vitamins at work, at home, in the car
  • When she's ready, offer to go with her to Register. Figuring what you need as a first time mom is overwhelming. Having a friend who's been there, done that help you is invaluable. (Thanks Kelly!!)
  • Pregnancy journal to document all the unique feelings and physical changes experienced over the next 40 weeks