Gear Up Before You Go - 7 Shopping Essentials for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Shopping Success

Are you gearing up for some serious post-turkey shopping on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday? If so, take a minute now to plan for comfort and endurance. Here's 7 Shopping Essentials to be ready:

  1. Hydrate - Drink fluids before heading out, and plan to take a refillable water bottle with you so can stay hydrated while battling the crowds.
  2. Fuel - You'll probably eat well before heading out (turkey and fixings or breakfast at a cafe), but make sure to take snacks as well. A handful of almonds or a banana thrown in your bag should do the trick.
  3. Rx - Organize your medications or vitamins that you need to take ahead of time in a designer pill box like the Style Rx and you won't miss a dose or a deal!
  4. Tote - Spare a disposable shopping bag and bring your own reusable tote for all your finds.
  5. Comfort - You'll be on your feet for many hours so choose footwear carefully. This is one time you might want to plan your outfit around your footwear, instead of the other way around!
  6. List - Know who you have to buy for before you head out, and try to list a couple of ideas to focus your search
  7. Budget - Set a budget ahead of time to avoid pain and remorse later. Consider setting a limit for the day or per gift so you don't waste time on items that will blow the budget.
Plan ahead and enjoy a productive day of shopping!