Air Travel in Your Plans? - A few tips to make it a little easier


As you're packing your suitcase and bracing yourself for heading to the airport we wanted to send a few last minute tips to hopefully make your trip just a little easier.

Here's a great article from "About Travel" on what to bring in your carry-on to control your own inflight experience. The only thing I would add is make sure to pack your medication and/or vitamins in your carry-on as well, and avoid being stranded at some random connecting airport without them.

And this Huffington Post article includes some good air travel tips along with some apps that can be helpful along the way. One great tip is to "map out a plan B...should your flight get delayed or canceled." By "looking up and jotting down alternative flights before your trip gets disrupted." Then "you can suggest them to the airline representative rebooking you." Saving you time, and maybe some agony.

Good luck and safe travels from Inspired by Dawn!