Thinking out of the box

Earlier this week I convinced myself to push away from my desk and laptop and actually go and network with a business group in town. Funny how obviously beneficial this can be but hard to do sometimes!

While there I met a younger woman (guessing in her mid-20s) who came up to me and told me how much she loved the Style Rx (a friend had recently told her about it) and that she needed to get one for her mom. I of course thanked her for the compliment and agreed that it would likely make a great gift for her mom. However, I also suggested that it's often great for anyone who takes a daily vitamin or medication no matter what their age. She quickly admitted to me that she takes a daily medication while at work but always feels self conscious about it. She realized that the Style Rx would keep her out of the office rumor mill and help her stay on track with taking her medicine - all in a pretty box. Win, win!

I've been thinking about how to quickly summarize all of this because almost always people hear pill box and they think old / grandma. Maybe I should start saying "this isn't your grandma's pill box!" The Style Rx is designed for the modern, active woman of any age or stage - from pregnancy to parenthood and beyond. Psst - pass it along!