The Well-Edited Purse: A Cautionary Tale

Style Rx designer pill box case is the perfect purse accessory for stylishly organizing vitamins and medication on the go.

Those who know me well know that I often pride myself on being able to juggle most of the balls at any given time, with hopefully a dash of grace thrown in along the way. It's how I try to marry style and function in my everyday life.

However a few weeks ago I dropped a ball in a big way. While trying to rent a car the customer service rep kindly asked me for my "new" driver's license while holding my current one. I gave him a puzzled look but proceeded to dig through my wallet and the rest of my purse to find my "new" license. Turns out my most current driver's license had expired nearly five months ago! As a result they, of course, couldn't rent me a car. Big miss!

Luckily I went home and renewed my license online and was able to rent the car the next day. Crisis averted. (I was only renting the car because of a minor car accident which was someone else's fault). However, it got me thinking how I could have had such a big miss, and that perhaps I was overdue for a purse audit and edit.

So what do I, or most of us for that matter, really need to carry in our bag? Here's what I've edited mine down to:

  • Small wallet - for organizing credit cards, loyalty cards, cash and a "new" non-expired driver's license
  • Checkbook - yes, I know it's old fashioned but more times then not, as soon as I don't have it I need it, and this way I always have a pen when I need it too
  • Pill box - most days are not the same for me so by having my vitamins stashed in a stylish case and always with me I'm more likely to take them
  • Business cards - as a designer and business owner wherever I go my brand is front of mind and I'm always looking for new ways to connect and grow so these are a must
  • Lipgloss - three different shades - I don't think I need to say anymore!
  • Keys - swimming around at the bottom are a couple of sets of car and house keys, in need of some new key rings (note to self!)
  • Hand sanitizer - essential for this clean freak
  • Tissues - I am a mom after all

This may be too minimalist for some, but I've never been a big believer in the prepared-for-anything approach to purse management. That's what cars are for! (You should see my glove box!) But remember minimalist doesn't have to mean boring. And if you need a little style inspiration check our purse accessories board on Pinterest.