Healthy Summer Recipe for Keeping Cool

Inspired by Dawn's healthy summer recipe for staying cool

Okay, so it's summer and it's hot. Our recent posts have suggested how to dress to stay cool and how to prep ourselves for sleeping in the hot weather, but what else can we do? Hint: it's the easiest, and arguably, the healthiest thing we can do to stay cool all summer long.

We've heard the adage "you are what you eat." Well in the summer it turns out that it's easier to make that a positive statement since many of the foods of summer are some of the healthiest -- and the coolest! So what should we make sure is on our plate to stay cool this summer? Read on for a rainbow of ideas...

  • Watermelon - a summer essential that is hydrating, cooling, delish and requires zero prep
  • Cucumber - sliced with hummus it's a perfect pool or beach-friendly snack
  • Spinach - an easy salad green, just add some sliced strawberries, a sprinkling of goat cheese and your favorite dressing
  • Citrus - some of the most cooling fruits, add some lemon slices to your water for some refreshing flavor and great hydration
  • Fish - save the heavy comfort foods for the first freeze and instead toss some fresh fish on the grill - bonus that it cooks fast and doesn't heat up the house!

Bon appetit!

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