6 Steps to Surviving the Daylight Savings Time Change

Inspired by Dawn's plan to embracing sleep and health during daylight savings time change

As researchers continue to uncover the links between sleep and health, getting enough ZZZs becomes increasingly important. After all, on an average week are you getting 7+ hours of sleep per night? Most of us aren't. Then you add in events we can't control, like Daylight Savings time, and it's a recipe for a very drowsy Monday.

So to help you stave off a groggier than usual start to the week, we've put together a plan that you can start now to help you get the sleep you need and feel refreshed on Monday.

Now through Friday
  •  Go to bed earlier than your normal time - even 10 minutes each day can make a difference
  • Exercise outdoors so you get the sunlight and fresh air your body craves and expend some energy
  • Exercise early enough in the day that your body's temp can cool down enough to enable you to sleep
  • Get up at your normal time so your body can adjust to the time and light shift
  • Go for a morning walk, ideally an hour or longer, again so can give your body a chance to adjust to the sunlight and help reset your body clock
  • If all else fails, consider taking melatonin one hour before bed to help you get the rest you need

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