Helping Little Kids (and Big Ones Too) Adjust to the Time Change

Inspired by Dawn shares suggestions on helping little kids (and big kids too) adjust to Daylight Savings Time ending

No one really wants Daylight Savings Time to end, right? It suddenly gets dark so early and all you want to do is hunker down with a steaming bowl of soup. But we've got to say when it's pitch black at 7am maybe it is time to make the switch. Begrudgingly it's happening this weekend - Sunday, 11/1 at 2am. Don't forget to set your clocks back.

And while the time change is tough enough for adults - even the one where we gain an hour of sleep! - anyone who's a parent knows that it's even tougher with small kids. That's why we loved getting our hands on a few tips (thanks Huffington Post!) on how to ease your kids' (and let's face it, yours too) adjustment.

  1. Start adjusting sleep schedules now - Theirs and yours. Try going to bed 15 minutes later each evening leading up to Saturday night.
  2. Adjust meal times too - Eat at 6:15 tonight vs. your usual 6.
  3. Get your vitamin D - Light exposure is critical to keep sleep / wake schedules in balance so make sure you and your kids get lots of time outside on Sunday, especially in the morning, and ideally for the next few days.
  4. Prepare your room - Make sure bedrooms have adequate window coverings so they are nice and dark, minimizing early morning bright sunlight. A sound machine is always a good option too in order to minimize early morning chirping.
  5. Don't engage too early - Despite your best efforts, if your little one still wakes early - assuming they're safe - don't start your day yet. Let everyone doze or relax with a book until an appropriate wake-up time.

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