The Joy of Giving - 4 Tips to Being a Gracious Gift Giver

Inspired by Dawn's guide to gracious gift giving for everyone on your list this holiday season

When we're little it's all about the number of gifts and the bigger the better, right? But as we mature, something starts to shift and we begin to understand the meaning behind phrases such as "the joy of giving". Once you give that one gift to someone that elicits sheer delight you're hooked. It feels so good to make someone else happy.

But in this season of giving, gift giving can become more like a long list of tasks to be crossed off a list - a gift card here, a candle there. So how can we be gracious gift givers even in the midst of this crazy festive season? Here's a few tips to finding that thoughtful, joy-filled gift for those you love the most.

  1. Meaning - Look for a gift that reminds the recipient of a memory. Perhaps a photo frame with a long forgotten photo, converting an old video on VHS to a CD, organizing a shared experience like a gift card to go zip lining like you did when you first met, or even donating to a charity that your loved one cherishes. 
  2. Practical - Don't underestimate useful gifts that show you care and demonstrate that you're listening and seeking to lighten their load. Maybe arranging a cleaning service for someone who is overwhelmed at the moment or pretty pill box for someone dealing with a new diagnosis, committing to a healthier lifestyle or planning to travel!
  3. Strong Interest - Take a moment to reflect on what they love to do. If they love to garden or cook look for gifts that support that interest. If their a film buff get them tickets to an upcoming film festival. If they are always volunteering their time, again consider a donation to their favorite charity.
  4. Experiences - Give something they'll remember long after the gift is unwrapped. Planning a spa visit solo or with your loved one or friend can create a special memory beyond just the original gift exchange. Or let someone try something they've always wanted to do but never got around to planning for themselves such as a hot air balloon ride or a race car driving experience.
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