Multi-Tasking All the Way Through the Holidays

Inspired by Dawn's multi-tasking tips to make the holidays just a little easier

Most of us are knee deep in it at this point. It's December 9th - the middle of Hanukkah, 16 days until Christmas - and it's real. You're shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, addressing holiday cards, decorating, baking, attending school performances, etc., etc. Right now you're probably feeling like you need to clone yourself just to get it all done.

So we rounded up few ideas, tips and resources to help make things a little easier and hopefully help you round out your holiday season in style. Good luck!

Save time and make three distinct cookies from one basic sugar cookie dough. This is a lifesaver!

Who in your daily life to tip
Tipping etiquette - when, how

Teacher Gifts
Gifts that teachers will actually appreciate

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