Are Probiotics Perfect for the Pill Box?

Inspired by Dawn highlights probiotics for health as whole foods and supplements

Probiotics are all the buzz. They have been for awhile. Scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface but their health benefits have already been widely touted. But like so many other things, is taking them in pill form just as beneficial as getting them from whole foods? And even if there are benefit trade-offs, does the convenience of a pill outweigh those trade-offs and the option of not supplementing at all?

We set out to find out. After all you want to take care of yourself, and if you can do it by tossing a probiotic in your pill box, then all the better! As expected, like most things, most doctors and dietitians recommend the real thing - yogurt, sauerkraut, miso soup, pickles, olives, etc. However, most science points to probiotics are helpful for overall health so while whole foods are recommended, supplements are also supported for most people after checking with their doctors.

So do check with your doctor and then find a probiotic that works for you. Fill up your Style Rx pill box case and make a probiotic part of a daily habit for your health. To get you started check out these guidelines on what to look for in a probiotic. And if you still need a Style Rx, pick one up here...

Style Rx designer pill box case is perfect for making a probiotic a healthy daily habit

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