Could Probiotics Help Ease Spring Seasonal Allergies?

Inspired by Dawn welcomes spring with news that probiotics may offset seasonal allergy symptoms

Monday was the first official day of Spring. And while the weather may not be totally cooperating, it likely makes you start to dream of warmer days and outdoor fun. But if you suffer from spring seasonal allergies, the first day of Spring can also make you start to gather your arsenal of medications in hopes of staving off the mix of allergy symptoms. Thankfully, there's lots of over the counter options available now to help you figure out what works best for you.

But what if there was a more natural, non-medication solution to allergy suffering? Ah, a girl can dream, right?!? Well, there is hope on the horizon. Early research studies are showing that there might be a positive link between probiotics and reduced allergy symptoms. More research is being done to better understand the connection and provide actionable symptom relief, but in the mean time it might be helpful to add a helping or two of some your favorite probiotic foods to your daily diet. Or add your daily pill-form probiotic to your Style Rx pill box case and make sure you don't miss a dose.

Style Rx designer pill box case is perfect for making a probiotic a healthy daily habit
It's an easy change to make in hopes of feeling better this Spring. Hope you feel a difference! Happy Spring!

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