Resolved to Add a Vitamin or Probiotic to Your Day? A Simple Way to Make it a Healthy Habit

The Style Rx designer pill box case is an easy way to create a healthy habit for the new year

You've set your intention. You want to take better care of you in 2018. Get more sleep, be more present, exercise more, eat better. Those are big intentions, and good ones at that! But if you started smaller (which is recommended after all!), like just adding a vitamin or probiotic to your day, then make it easy on yourself by picking up a Style Rx designer pill box case.

It's easy. Load up a week's worth of vitamins and/or probiotics and toss it in your bag so you have it at your fingertips wherever your day takes you. Or place it on your desk, kitchen counter, bathroom vanity or some other prominent place to give yourself a stylish reminder to make taking your daily dose a healthy habit in no time.

Shop now for a Style Rx pill box case for the newly pregnant mom taking prenatal vitamins

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