Expecting? How to Find the Best Prenatal Vitamin for You

Inspired by Dawn shares tips on finding the best prenatal vitamin for you and how to manage it with Style Rx

Congratulations! You just found out you're pregnant, or maybe you've just decided to begin trying to start a family. You know you're suppose to take prenatal vitamins but do you just go to the drugstore and buy the first label that catches your eye? Is there more to it than that? Is a vitamin, a vitamin, a vitamin or do you need to do a little research? After all you probably want to the best for your future bundle of joy so how do you find the best prenatal vitamin for you? Here's a few tips...

  • A great resource that we often reference is LabDoor.com. They're an independent resource that rates prenatal vitamins (and other vitamins) on purity, label accuracy, efficacy, etc. They even show serving size, and price per serving which are also key considerations so read on for more.
  • Prenatal vitamins can be rather large so you may need to try a couple before you find one that literally fits. Also, many brands expect you to take several capsules per day, often 2-3, so you need to consider that as well.
  • Often, prenatal vitamins are no longer enough. Many doctors also want their patients to take DHA supplements as well, and depending on individual needs, doctors may recommend other supplements too to help support a healthy pregnancy.
  • Keeping it all straight can also be a challenge, especially if your career and/or older kids make structured schedules impractical. Many women find it easier on their stomachs to take the prenatal vitamins, DHA and other supplements with meals to reduce or avoid upset, but you're not carrying all those bottles around all day, right? A pill box case with a modern, yet discreet design such as the Style Rx can keep you on top of it all, wherever your new routine and non-typic day takes you.
  • When choosing the brand / type of prenatal vitamin that's best for you consider the price. You will likely be taking them for many months to come, if not for a year or more, since many doctors recommend continuing them while breastfeeding, so consider the investment. Find something you can stick with over the long haul.

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