How Desktop Dining is Harming Your Health

Inspired by Dawn highlights the importance of a lunch break on our overall health and well being

You do it too, right? We're all guilty of it. At least on our work days. Whether we work in a cubicle or work from home. You bring a sandwich, a salad, heated up leftovers, whatever you can grab and sit at your desk to get caught up - checking emails, prepping for your next meeting, etc. When was the last time you made time for lunch, at least on a work day?

Well according some recent articles you might want to reconsider. It turns out that our brains, bellies and businesses could benefit if we all just took a little break each day. Articles in the New York Times and Real Simple both highlighted the health impacts from "desktop dining" - from germ-filled desktops and office refrigerators, to lack of movement, and the social impact of eating alone most days.

‘‘Workplace satisfaction is so much higher if you eat with your colleagues. You like your job more — and you like your colleagues better.’’ Brian Wansink, a professor and the director of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab 

Other benefits focused on the mental upside - from being present and recognizing what your body needs even in the midst of a hectic work schedule, to enabling you to truly enjoy something during your workday, and ultimately preventing burn out. All personal benefits that'll bring more balance to your work life, and hopefully your whole life. Bon Apetit!

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