4 Steps to Picking the Best Sunscreen This Summer

Inspired by Dawn shares 4 tips for choosing the best sunscreen this summer

Ask almost anyone with beautiful skin and they'll tell you that nearly every time that consistent use of sunscreen is their beauty secret. But we've also all heard the stories of sunscreens that are ineffective or not nearly as effective as promised. Then there's chemical vs. physical blocks, different SPFs and you can quickly find yourself wanting to toss the tube and just hide under a tree all summer. So here's a few quick tips to help you find the right sunscreen for your beach bag this summer.

  1. Formula - This mostly comes down to personal preference - chemical v physical block. Some don't like all the chemicals used in typical sunscreens, and others have found physical sunscreens to be less effective and often difficult to rub in so it really is which are you more likely to use consistently. The blog Sweet Home just did a very comprehensive look at the pros and cons of each with helpful brand recommendations
  2. SPF - 40 is the new 30. No, not in how we feel but how effective sunscreens are in  delivering the promised protection. A Consumer Reports study just showed that most SPF 30 sunscreens were not delivering on their 30 SPF promise, so many experts now recommending going up to SPF 40 to get the needed 30 protection
  3. Quantity - Most of us are not using enough. Again the Consumer Reports study recommended using 1 teaspoon per body part or if you're using spray sunscreen make sure to spray it on, rub it in and then reapply immediately since it's difficult  to know how much you're really applied
  4. Frequency - Don't forget to reapply. No sunscreen is water-proof and most of it wears off long before we even realize it. Good guideline is to reapply every 1-2 hours

Happy Summer!

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