The Modern Pregnant Woman's Secret for Making Prenatal Vitamins a Healthy Habit

Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie announced her pregnancy on Tuesday, and talked briefly about the challenges of keeping her big news under wraps until she reached the magic 12-week mark. Most mothers face the same challenges from avoiding alcohol in office social situations to overwhelming nausea from morning sickness, early pregnancy fatigue and taking one or more large prenatal vitamins or supplements, all of which are sure to tip off curious co-workers.

So what's the modern pregnant woman to do? Grab a Style Rx pill box case to keep her prenatal vitamins organized in a discreet, go-anywhere case. It fits easily in her purse with a secure closure to keep the vitamins organized, and it's attractive enough to leave out on her desk to help her form her new daily healthy habit.
Any newly pregnant mommas out there? Grab your Style Rx pill box case and prenatal vitamins, and keep your secret a little while longer. (Congratulations!)

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