Turning the Page to Spring

Okay, for a good portion of the country this has been a brutal winter.

But on Saturday night we get to push the clocks forward an hour (which most of us universally celebrate, except for moms of young children whose sleep gets all messed up for at least a week!).

And in 14 more days at least the calendar says it'll officially be Spring. Whew! I can almost see the light.

With Spring upon us I start to dream of lazy days at the pool or beach, planning meals that my husband can make on the grill, and leaving comfort food behind for the farmer's market bounty (anyone else notice two out of my three dreams involve food?!?).

However, I don't know about you but I've got some spring maintenance that I need to start working on before that first sundress gets slipped on! This is my time to take a seasonal pause and take stock of what I've been neglecting and determine where to put my focus so I am primed to enjoy Spring and Summer - my favorite seasons!

To kick it all off, here's a good Women's Health article that takes a more holistic approach to Spring renewal so we all can be ready. Hello Spring!