Position Your Oxygen Mask First


At Inspired by Dawn we've dedicated the month of March to focusing on letting go of our Winter ways and making sure we're our best selves in the months ahead. As we suggested last week part of that is taking stock of what we might want / need to change to be ready to enjoy an active and healthy spring.

This week we're turning our attention to giving yourself permission to put your needs before others. As wives, mothers, partners, girlfriends, daughters we often default to taking care of everyone around us first and then looking after ourselves. However, as we've all heard many times before, and maybe occasionally experienced, often the best way to care for others is to care for ourselves first. It's the whole position your oxygen mask first idea. If you don't address your own needs first you may not have the resources you need to help those you care about the most.

That's why it's important to figure what you need to feel whole and make time to do it. Schedule into your day and/or week the things that matter most to you and make them a priority. Whether it's a trip to the gym or yoga class, your book club gathering, meditation, phone call with a friend, bubble bath - whatever it may be - make it happen. Take care of you so you can be the best you!