Cheers to One More Great Reason to Enjoy a Glass of Red!

Okay, it's almost the weekend. It's Friday! You've been on the go all week, you've worked, shuttled, cooked, cleaned, paid bills, etc., etc. and finally, maybe, just maybe you can squeeze in a bit of "me time". For how many of us does our "me time" include a glass a wine? Judging from me and my friends I would say a good majority. Nothing beats a good glass of wine (or two!) and a great movie on a Friday night. 

And for once, that little indulgence that most of us enjoy so much is actually good for us - in moderation of course. We've heard before how red wine can be good for our heart and brain, but this week the magazine Real Simple (one of my favorites) took it to a whole new level. They tweeted out a link to an article that says early research shows that wine may help burn fat! It's only proven in mice so far but here's hoping. Cheers to that!