Secret Recipe to Eat Healthy, Save Time & Look Your Best!

No matter our age we all want to look our best. We want to look and feel vibrant and healthy. But we all have pretty full lives that often reduce meals to something grab and go, and all too often processed and vitamin-deficient. So today we've compiled some motivation and tips on how to build healthier eating into our lives.

First there's a recent article from The Huffington Post on the the five vitamins to eat for minimizing the effects of aging. As expected it prescribes daily doses of whole foods in our diet. Of course!

So to make that more palatable, we tracked down a smoothie recipe from the blog Little Spice Jar that incorporates four out of those five anti-aging vitamins into one glass. I make one similar to this for my family and my five year old begs me to make it at least once a week.

And on the subject of family and eating here are a couple of ways that I help make sure we eat well each week:

  • Sit down (with a glass of wine and/or in front of the tv) with a calendar and figure out the number of nights that week you think you or your partner could manage to get a meal on the table. Remember to take into account piano lessons, soccer practices and client dinners.
  • Next start plugging in some of your household's favorite recipes (taco salad one night, slow cooker chicken)
  • Once you have your menu planned out figure out what ingredients you need to quickly prep each dinner
  • Finally - and this is my best tip - find a grocery store that will do the shopping for you. Many of them will shop from your list each week for a minimal fee (usually between $5 and $10!) and either have it ready for pick up or delivered to your door at a time that fits your schedule! Most of us easily spend an hour a week shopping for groceries, and whose time is not worth more than $5 or $10? Trust me you'll find that you will spend less on groceries, you'll eat better, feel better and gain time back in your busy week. That's a win all around!