Allergy Relief - 7 Tips to Manage Seasonal Allergies On-the-Go

Happy to see spring but suffering from seasonal allergies? We are too! We had our first 80 degree day earlier this week, which is very welcome after the brutally cold winter we just had. However, with the daffodils, tulips and tree buds come itchy nose and skin, watery eyes, etc. The downside of spring. As a result we're relying on our allergy medicine to help us cope and wondering what else we can do.

Here's seven other things we can all do to manage our allergies around the clock and throughout the season...

  1. Start Early - Start taking allergy medication as soon as the pollen counts start to rise. A Best Health magazine article cites a doctor that says that "Once the symptoms have started, they’re harder to control.”
  2. Close Windows - Pollen levels are highest in the morning so keep the windows closed especially during the AM
  3. Shower in the Evening - Pollen clings to you and your clothes so after spending time outside toss your clothes in the laundry and jump in the shower for a rinse off
  4. Recirculate the Air - At home or in the car, set your air conditioner to recirculate the air rather than drawing in pollen-laden air
  5. Wrap Yourself In Style - Don the stylish sunglasses and wide brimmed hat to reduce the amount of pollen that ends up on you or in your eyes
  6. Stay Consistent - Keep your allergy medication close at hand and remember to take it daily
  7. Bonus Points - Help yourself by preloading your allergy medicine in a Style Rx to make sure you always have your medicine with you and remember take it daily. You'll look and feel better for it!