Finding Inspiration Among Your To-Dos

Your mom probably encouraged you to 'think of those less fortunate and find ways to help,' right? I know my mom did. But in our ever-busy lives it's all too easy to forget this maxim and focus on checking just a few more items off our daily to-do lists. I get caught up in this all the time!

But this week was a little different. Not just one, but a couple of opportunities presented themselves where just a small action and sacrifice of time could make a positive impact on several people's lives, and maybe lighten their load for just a moment.

Of course my ever growing to-do list did its best to sidetrack me and make me feel like I wasn't accomplishing enough. Grocery shopping, laundry, work and even blog writing threatened to derail my commitment, but I kept coming back to that mom missive from years ago and decided to double down on my commitments. I re-prioritized my to-do list and made these acts of support part of what I could accomplish this week.

While hopefully the people I reached out to this week felt supported and their spirits were brightened with the knowledge that someone else cares, I too benefited in so many ways. I had authentic conversations with my young daughter on helping others, and I too felt comforted and reminded that there is a community out there of passionate people who do care and are committed to helping others - just like moms everywhere encouraged. Well done Moms. See we were listening!

Live life Inspired!