Before you set your out of office reply...

Style Rx designer pill box case is a modern, discreetly stylish way to manage daily vitamins and medications at the office, home or lunch with friends.

Okay, this month we've given you a good reason to clean out your purse and some minimalist suggestions for what you should carry. We've also helped you prep your beach / pool bag for summer success with stylish essentials. All set, right?

Well are you going to head out for all your summer fun with your desk looking like a disaster? We didn't think so. Besides who wants to come back to a mess of a desk on a Monday morning? To help get you stylishly organized and in prime condition to leave it all behind - at least for a few days of well-deserved R&R - we've curated our stylishly functional organizing favorites...

One Part Function
Corral the paperwork and reduce the anxiety
File it away for your return with a splash of color
Cleanly designed, yet colorful cases are irresistible for storing past projects 

One Part Style
Add a scented candle for a little mid-day zen moment in between meetings and deadlines
Stylishly discreet visual reminder to take your daily vitamins, medication or prenatals
Sleekly simple vase ready for some buds upon your return

Equals Inspiration
Need some more organizing style inspiration check out Inspired by Dawn's Pinterest board.

Nicely done. Now you're ready to set that out of office reply. Enjoy!