Set It & Forget It for a Carefree Summer

Summer by definition, in at least most people's minds, is marked by a more relaxed, laissez-faire attitude. Most people try to carve out a much-deserved escape during the summer. Schedules often become a little more relaxed as the temperature rises. And hopefully there's a few lazy days sprinkled throughout just dozing in a hammock or a blanket in the park, or relaxing at the beach or pool. After all that's what summer is all about, right?

Of course! So consider taking a few minutes now and automating and organizing some tasks that you handle daily or weekly so you can "take back" some of that time and use it to enjoy every last moment of summer.

If you haven't already take banking out of the equation. Sign up for direct deposit, online bill pay and mobile deposit and never wait in line at the bank again. Especially on a Friday!

If you are lucky enough to be headed out of town, you can avoid advertising it to the neighbors and put your mail and paper on hold with just a few keystrokes. The USPS lets you easily do this, and so do most major dailies. A few taps on the keyboard and you're set!

At Inspired by Dawn we're not exactly green thumbs so whether we're going away or not we use those little water globes to keep our plants moderately content all summer long.

Vitamins and Medication
If you take prescription medication consider ordering a three month supply so you don't have to dash to the pharmacy on your way out of town. While you're at it fill up your Style Rx pill box case and an extra pill box insert so you have everything organized and at your fingertips so you're ready for spontaneous summer fun.

Totes and Toiletries
Pick up travel sizes of your beauty essentials and stash them in a stylish toiletry case. Make sure you have a great tote with a modern pattern on hand so you can be ready for a quick night away with friends.