Family Vacation Planning - Can't Miss Tips from the Pros

Inspired by Dawn's Summer Family Travel Ideas

Still putting the final touches on family travel plans this summer? Then you're in luck. Inspired by Dawn has compiled several great resources to help you decide on the right trip for your family, as well as great ideas for how to make it a positive experience for the whole family - whether traveling by car or plane. So start here and happy travels!

X Marks the Spot
Looking for your family's dream summer destination? Here's two great round-ups from The New York Times and Travel and Leisure. The NY Times has U.S. destination ideas broken out by active, culture, enrichment, nature and resort so you can narrow it down by what your family needs most right now. The Travel and Leisure article offers kid-friendly resorts and experiences across the U.S. and around the world.

Keep It Simple
For a more practical, down-to-earth approach to planning and family vacation expectation setting, check out the Huffington Post article. It offers such simple tips like "Define your family's travel mission: to have fun!" Always a good starting point for everyone's enjoyment.

Enjoy the Journey
Whoever said 'getting there is half the fun' probably wasn't traveling there with kids in tow. So whether you're flying with little ones or road-tripping it, two bloggers offer some valuable tips. Traveling Mom offers practical tips on flying with toddlers and Surf and Sunshine gives always welcome suggestions for surviving a road trip with kids. Take away: No matter your mode of transportation come prepared to fight off boredom and arrive with - fingers crossed - nerves in tact!