Travel Prescription - Staying on Target with Healthy Eating on the Road

Inspired by Dawn suggests a travel resource for eating healthy on the road

It's Friday and a long weekend is on the horizon. Just a few more short days away. Next week many of us will set out to visit family or friends and enjoy the beach, pool, fireworks, barbecue, etc. And many of us will get where we're going by car. That car ride will likely include at least one meal on the road.

But who wants to blow their daily caloric intake before they even reach their destination? That's why a recent New York Times article caught our eye about how to eat healthy at restaurants, even fast casual and fast food restaurants. It gives real, practical menu choices that we might actually be able to stick to and not feel deprived! Bookmark this post and have it at the ready when choosing where to stop. Your body will thank you when you pull on your swimsuit at your July 4th destination. Ready, set, splash!