Stylish Readers - Do they even exist?

Inspired by Dawn highlights brands combining style and function in readers / reading glasses

Style and function - a cause near and dear to our heart at Inspired by Dawn. We believe that products can be useful and stylish. That style should complement function, and when it does it delivers an inspired result. For that reason we're highlighting other brands with similar ethos - combining style and function in their own unique way!

This week we're taking notice of a few companies that are bringing style to readers / reading glasses. For the uninitiated you may wonder if this is even possible? But rest assured there are plenty of options beyond those turnstile displays at the drugstore. (Hint - to my husband!)

  • First is eyebobs. Back when Inspired by Dawn was still a dream, we heard about them. Eyebobs, like the Style Rx, were born out of necessity.
  • Fetch Eyewear is another stylish option, with a charitable angle to boot! Readers come with a lifetime warranty and commitment to donate 100% of profits to animal rescue.
  • Even Nordstrom has jumped into this stylishly functional pond with its own upgraded, yet approachable readers selection.

Happy shopping!

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