Style and Function Redux - The One-Piece

Inspired by Dawn highlights style and function in the resurgence of the one-piece swimsuit

As we all firmly grasp the last weeks of summer, knowing that it is slipping away all too quickly, it's becoming clear that Summer 2015 defined style and function in a retro way - at least in swimwear. You may have noticed one-pieces made a significant resurgence this summer at the beach and the pool. (We pinned quite a few to our Inspired Summer Style Pinterest board.) There was even a recent New York Times article about the renewed popularity of the one-piece and how it offers women of all ages the ultimate combination of style and function at the beach and the pool.

Sales of one-pieces are up and women of all ages are embracing them. “They are no longer just seen for older women who are trying to cover up,” says the the founder of Marysia Swimwear. According to one mid-30s mom in the NYT article, “Bikinis are made for lying perfectly still, not playing with your kids,”. One-pieces allow moms and others to be active and still look great.

Many attribute the resurgence of the one-piece to modern styling. “'I think for lack of a better term, there are more ‘sexy’ one-pieces that have cutouts, peekaboo details and crochet that appeal equally to the two-piece wearer,' said Sabra Krock, who owns Everything but Water." Others agree that modern one-pieces enhance curves, and even create a little mystery in our over-exposed media world. We couldn't agree more!

So in these last few weeks of summer, grab your one-piece and wear it proudly. And while you're at it raise an icy cool beverage to the thriving marriage of style and function!

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