Does Style Matter?

Inspired by Dawn highlights why style is so important in everything we do 

This month we've been focused on style and function. We've looked at how new (fitness trackers) and old (readers, the one-piece) products are being reinvented and infused with a renewed sense of style - all while not sacrificing function.

But why do we care so much? Why does style matter? If the product can deliver the function expected from it then why does style even come into the equation?

At Inspired by Dawn, we believe style is self-expression, it is art. Design and style have power. They can impact how we feel about ourselves, our environment, even our work! That's why we believe in going beyond well-designed and -crafted solutions and alway adding that extra dose of style, fashion and luxe - Bringing Style to Life - to everything we do. It's what inspires us and we hope what inspires you!

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