Changing Seasons | Approachable Ways to be More Present

Inspired by Dawn highlights focus on health and balance for fall with meditation

It's October. It's Fall. It's a good time to take a much-needed pause after the fun of summer and the craziness of back to school and settle into new schedules. As we shift gears and start to think about the season ahead of us (8 weeks until Thanksgiving, 9 until Hanukkuh and 12 until Christmas), it's a good time now to take a pause and recharge.

That's why this month we're focusing on both big and small ways to take care of yourself. To make sure you're your best self - inside and out and focused on what matters to you most - so you can embrace the holiday season happy, healthy and centered. A gift for  yourself!

To kick us off we thought this article on mindfulness was a great place to start. It's from the Huffington Post and it outlines 10 Easy Ways You Can Practice Mindfulness. It's a great quick read and filled with approachable ways to bring mindfulness into your day. We're big believers in #9 Travel or Mix Up Your Routine because it forces you out of your comfort zone and triggers new senses and awareness. But truth be told, we'll be trying all of these this month. After all, couldn't we all stand to be a little more present?

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