Better Memory? Eat This, Not That

Inspired by Dawn focuses on healthy eating for memory

We overheard a conversation the other day about "mommy brain" - that sleep-deprived state where common words inexplicably slip your mind, rote tasks become more challenging, etc. Two women were talking about how real it is and that while it seems to lessen with time it never really seems to go away. They speculated that something fundamentally changes in the brain when pregnant and it never completely reverses itself.

While many of us have faced this at different points, we often are left to shrug and laugh it off. But there was an interesting study recently that found what you eat could positively affect your memory. Does this mean their might be help for those of us who suffer from mommy brain?

According to the study on those who ate "a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish...were 24 percent less likely to have cognitive declines compared to people consuming the least healthy foods." There's obviously more research to be done to understand this memory-food connection but in the mean time, it seems to give all of us another reason to think about what we're putting in our bodies. Definitely food for thought!

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