New Year, New Start

Inspired by Dawn's ideas for setting attainable new year's goals for yourself

Most of us whether we formally state it or not want to change a few things in the new year. After all it's a perfect time to set the reset button and try to make some positive changes in our lives.

And for many of us those changes include eating healthier, exercising more and taking better care of our bodies. Are you setting out to tackle one or more of the above this January? We at Inspired by Dawn certainly are - one step at a time.

You've heard it before - set small realistic goals for yourself, and you're much more likely to realize some measure of success. To help you (and us) out a little, below are a couple of attainable goals to get you started. Pick two or three and focus. You'll be feeling better in no time!

  • I'll cook dinner three times this week
  • I'll rely on fast food only two times this week
  • I'll go to the gym or walk three times this week
  • I'll take my vitamins five days this week
  • I'll drink two whole glasses of plain water for five days this week
  • I'll reduce my soft drink intake by one serving for five days this week
  • I'll eat a piece of whole fruit three times this week
  • I'll do squats during a commercial break three times this week
  • I'll go to bed and get 7+ hours of sleep each night for three nights this week
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