Resolve to Declutter? 21 Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Inspired by Dawn suggests ways to declutter, simplify and embrace calm

One of the simplest ways to embrace the clean slate that is January, is to create a clear slate for the rest of the year. Sure we can do a cleanse to get our bodies recalibrated after the holidays, pack away all the decorations from the house and commit to a fitness program once again - which if we're lucky we embrace for the month.

But what about lightening the load by clearing clutter throughout the house? It's a great time to take stock of what you have in different parts of your home, and figure out where you can purge so you can enjoy a clearer, more peaceful environment for many months to come. Change the lens on all the stuff that surrounds you - the piles of magazines and mail, the over crowded medicine cabinet, unedited pantry, etc., etc.? Can't you almost feel your stress level go down when you imagine less stuff, and cleaner, clearer spaces? Sure it'll take a bit of work but if you stay focused on the end result you'll be able to power through and enjoy a calmer space.

Are you ready to simplify? If so, here's a few tips from the experts on where to start.
- PopSugar offers "11 Things You Need to Throw Away". Great article on stuff that tends to pile up in the kitchen, the bathroom and throughout the house, and how to easily donate, recycle or safely dispose of them (hello, vitamins, medications and electronics!)
- Real Simple gives you "10 Things to Toss in the Next 10 Minutes". Keeping it simple, this short but sweet list gives you items to grab (and dispose of) in the next 10 minutes to quickly give you nearly instant peace and satisfaction.

Ready, set, go!

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