How to Survive the Longest, Shortest Month

Okay, you made it through January. The short days. The crazy weather (hello blizzard, then 60 degree days, thanks El Nino!). The reminders about your resolutions and how you're measuring up, or not. It's time to blow off some steam and find ways - real or manufactured - to enjoy the longest, shortest month of the year.

Starting this weekend there's Super Bowl 50 and Chinese New Year's Eve. Whether you're football fan, a devoted commercial viewer or just ready for a little gluttony after your month-long resolution diet - cheese-filled dips, pizza and wings can be reason enough to kick back on Sunday night and enjoy a break from the doldrums of January. Plus, there's Coldplay, Beyonce & Bruno Mars set to take the stage at halftime. Pass the nachos please!

Then, it's also the Year of the Fire Monkey which officially begins on Monday but is often celebrated with foods, colors and traditions meant to welcome luck, fortune and abundance beginning on the eve of the new year. So on Sunday toss on a little red and gold (colors of vitality and strength), gather some friends or family, add some dumplings or potstickers to your table (symbols of money), definitely don't clean the house (or you'll sweep away your good fortune) and welcome the year of the monkey. We can get behind this kind of celebration!

Fortunately, this just gets us started. There's much more to come this month - Valentines Day, Presidents Day (e.g. long weekend!), Oscars and Leap Year. Hopefully all these festivities will help us survive, and possibly thrive, during this short month.

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