Easiest Way to Improve Your Health? Make a Date with a Friend

Inspired by Dawn highlights friendship as good for women's health

February is International Friendship Month and this Friday it's International Friendship Day. Who knew, right? Well hopefully you have few close friends that you cherish and who "get" you, and you don't need a particular day or month to recognize them. But just in case, you're falling a bit short in the friend department it's time to remedy that and make some friend time a priority.

Of course we all know the magic of discovering a friend who we just connect with, and no matter the time or distance, we always cherish. We appreciate how unique and valuable those friendships are, and now science is showing that they're even good for our health too! According to a Huffington Post article friends can help us reduce stress, blood pressure, dementia risk, susceptibility to colds, and help us sleep better. Impressive! Those are some very compelling, and healthful, reasons to make some girlfriend time a priority.

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