Amazing What the Flip of the Calendar Can Do

Inspired by Dawn closes out February and Winter with Spring health and activity

Finally the end is in sight! Four days left in this extra long short month known as February in a Leap Year. And as a bonus, half of those four days are made up of weekend days (cheers to that!), the biggest movie night of the year - the Oscars (on Sunday night), and a once-every-four-years extra day - Leap Day. You got this. After all, Tuesday is the start of March and hopefully the first signs of Spring.

We know it's a psychological thing, and that chances are that in most parts of the country Tuesday won't suddenly be sunny, with birds chirping, hints of green popping out and warmer temperatures. But it is amazing what the flip of the calendar can do for your psyche. Suddenly signs of Spring are expected, and many of us start actively looking for them.

We know that with warmer temperatures we can start to wean ourselves from the winter comfort foods with the promise of fresh produce around the corner. We can shrug off cabin fever and start to get outside for a walk, a jog or a bike ride. We can thaw out and reconnect with friends and neighbors who we've barely seen since the snow started to fly. Spring is around the corner. So start planning now and we'll be counting down the last four days of February along with you!

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