8 Essentials to Buy Now to Ease Cold and Flu Season

Inspired by Dawn stock up essentials for easing cold and flu season

They say prevention is the best medicine. You know you should get your flu shot, eat well and get plenty of sleep each night to keep your immunity up and fend off colds and flu this season. But when your best efforts fall short and you succumb to a cold, viral infection or the flu here's what you should have on hand to help you muddle through and hopefully be back to your best as soon as possible.

  1. Fluids (ginger ale, Gatorade, tea bags) - It's always recommended to get plenty of liquids when you're feeling under the weather so stock up now before illness strikes
  2. Chicken soup - Nothing replaces homemade but there's still something about chicken soup that helps you feel better, at least temporarily. So grab a couple of cans or mixes next time you're at the grocery store
  3. Saltine crackers - Somehow these always seem oddly satisfying when nothing else really sounds good. A little nourishment that is usually well tolerated even post-stomach bug
  4. Tissues - These won't expire so go ahead and buy more than you need. You'll be surprised how fast they disappear
  5. Hand sanitizer - Not necessarily recommended for day-to-day use but when you're trying to keep the rest of the family from coming down with your bug you need to fight hard. Grab a big bottle and be ready.
  6. Ibuprofen / Acetaminophen - No need to grab the big barrel that'll likely expire before you can use it all but it's always good to have a supply on hand for when a fever or the chills set in late at night
  7. Saline nasal spray - Buy a bottle for each family member and use a Sharpie marker to label each member's name so they have a tool at the ready to fight nasal congestion and clear stuffy passageways
  8. Cold / Flu symptom medication - Save yourself a trip to the drugstore and keep a small stash (these expire rather quickly) of these on hand to help ease some symptoms and hopefully help you rest - which is really the best medicine!

Hopefully prevention will be the best medicine. Stay well!

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