Beat the Heat - 8 Tips for Keeping Cool in Style

Inspired by Dawn's style tips for beating the summer heat while looking great

With all this talk of "heat domes" and 90+ degree temperatures dominating the weather on both coasts we thought it was time for a refresher on the most stylish ways to cool down and stay chic all summer long. 

  1. Loose fits - think flowy skirts, loose fitting tees
  2. Natural fibers - cotton and linen lets your skin breathe, skip the synthetics
  3. Light colors - save the black for an evening event, embrace lighter colors for summer
  4. Maxi style - always a summer go-to - a maxi skirt or dress can be styled up or down to fit most any summer occasion
  5. Brimmed hat - protect your hair and face from the sun with a style that fits your personality
  6. Scarf - almost seems counter-intuitive, but it's a versatile way to keep your skin covered or tie up your hair in an effortless style
  7. Up do - summer is made for a chic ponytail to keep you looking your best
  8. Shades - a great way to showcase your personality and protect your eyes - double duty!

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