Send Kids Back to School with Discreet, Secure Case for EpiPen®

Style Rx designer pill box case can double as a discreet and secure Epi Pen carrier for high school and college students

Crazy enough some areas of the country headed back to school this week, and most everyone else will be headed there in the next few weeks. So parents and students alike are preparing their shopping lists to be ready for a productive and healthy school year.

And while many a parent frets about their child's food allergy, trying to make sure there's always an EpiPen® within reach, it becomes harder as their child(ren) get older. Middle school, high school and college students, more often than not, do not want to carry them because of their bulk, inconvenience or even embarrassment.

In fact one small study at Nationwide Children's Hospital Allergy Clinic showed that 60% of children coming to the clinic did not have their epinephrine with them. Of the 40% who did have their self-injectable epinephrine with them, nearly 50% were carrying an expired device.

Fortunately, the Style Rx pill box case can be repurposed as a discreet and safe way for kids to carry their EpiPen with them wherever they go. With its strong magnetic closure and sturdy construction, the Style Rx case can be confidently tossed into a backpack, tote or purse and always be ready 'just in case'. And with two vibrantly colored designs, kids won't be embarrassed to carry it with them.

So check your child's current injectable to ensure it's not expired or make sure you get a refill before they head back to school. Then order them a Style Rx case to keep their EpiPen in wherever their school year takes them!

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