Can Food Be An Rx for Seasonal Allergies? 6 Tips to Try Now for Relief

Inspired by Dawn shares how certain foods may ease seasonal allergy symptoms

With allergy season upon us, are you already looking for any and all relief you can find? If you're a spring allergy sufferer you're probably already relying on medication to moderate symptoms, along with valiant attempts to avoid and manage triggers. But what if food could play a role too in managing your symptoms? It caught our interest!

So when Cooking Light posted their article "6 Foods and Eating Habits That Help Fight Seasonal Allergies" it made our must-read list. You can read the details here but here's the 6 quick tips...

  1. Eating more Omega-3s (think salmon, nuts and seeds)
  2. Adding Probiotics to your diet 
  3. Reduce Alcohol consumption
  4. Watch out for Trigger Foods (hint some raw fruits and vegetables)
  5. Maximize Vitamin C in Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Focus on a Mediterranean diet - e.g. lots of the good stuff above

Hope this gives you some relief. It's worth a try.

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