Holiday Travel Prep List - 11 Don't Forget Tips To Do Before Leaving Home

Inspired by Dawn's tips for holiday travel prep to do before you leave home

Are you headed out of town for a few days to visit with family and friends? If so, you've probably got a checklist (mental or otherwise!) of everything you need to pack and bring along - presents, cookies, hostess gifts, etc. And with so much to remember it's easy to forget some home and travel prep essentials. Here's a quick list to help you stay organized while you juggle it all. 'Tis the season!

Light timers - Set a lamp or two to turn on and off at different times so the casual observer will not suspect you're out of town
Close & lock windows & doors - Seems obvious but take a second and check all the doors and windows. You don't want to be hours or days into your trip and wonder if the back door ever got locked
Hold mail & newspaper - No need to signal that you're away with a pile of mail and newspapers out front. Both can be put on vacation hold with just a few simple clicks online
Garbage cans - Make sure you bring garbage cans in from the curb before you leave or ask a neighbor to do it for you. Again it's just one less signal that you're away

Saving $s
Hot water tank - Save some dollars for your trip and turn down the thermostat on the hot water tank so you're not heating water you're not using
Adjust thermostat - Turn down the thermostat while you're gone as well. Again a good dollar saver

Cleaning & Maintaining
Clean refrigerator - Not a necessity but nice to not come home to a few science experiments. Take a minute and dump out all the old leftovers
Run dishwasher - Also not a necessity but always nice to not wonder if the dishes are clean or dirty. However, if you forget to do this the odor will often tell you!
Take out trash - Once of the last things before closing and locking the door is to take out the trash and recyclables to minimize odor
Water plants & the Christmas tree - This one is time dependent but give your plants and the Christmas tree a good soak before you leave and consider asking someone to help if you're going to be gone awhile

One More Thing...
- Pack a carry-on bag - Whether you're traveling by air or not you want / need some essentials always within arms reach. So pack a bag that stays with you no matter what your journey throws at you! And make sure your Style Rx pill box case makes it into that bag.

Safe travels!

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